Saturday, June 22, 2013

More information on UFOs helps public preparedness, readiness, safety

By Steve Hammons

The UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) recently released more UFO reports from the public and other witnesses. This latest release is said to be the final group of such reports the MOD will make public and post on the UK’s National Archives website.

Other countries have also released significant reports of alleged UFO incidents in recent years. Brazil and Belgium come to mind, along with other nations to varying degrees. Elements of the U.S. government have made public a significant amount of information on UFO-related developments and incidents.

These kinds of information releases seem to help further educate the general public about possible scenarios related to UFOs. They may even provide clues and indications about the possible current status of the UFO situation. That current status might be quite complex and sensitive.

Yet, through the steady release of more information about UFO incidents, the public becomes more prepared for any further developments that could occur.

As helpful as the recent information releases from the MOD and other governments are, they do not seem to provide a full picture of the situation.


Let’s face it, by taking an honest look at the whole scope of open-source information that has accumulated for many years and available to the global public, it seems fairly clear that a significant situation is going on regarding visitation to Earth by intelligent beings from somewhere else.

Some may travel in UFOs.

How do we integrate the UFO situation with our daily lives and getting the kids off to school, holding down a job to make enough money to live decently, dealing with personal and family health issues, and the dozens or hundreds of other things we do to live life each day, each week, each month, each year?

And what about our deeper lives, worldviews and spiritual understanding?

We may not have enough information to fully understand what kinds of changes could be coming our way. Other changing circumstances could emerge, such as developments related to other dimensions and human consciousness, for example.

What exactly is the current status of the UFO situation anyway? That is a question that millions of people worldwide wonder about from time to time. The questions involved also generate films, TV shows, books and other kinds of media that explore possibilities. 

In certain cases, truthful and reliable insights about the UFO situation are possibly included in some of these media portrayals. As a result, the general public probably does gain greater understanding about what may be occurring and what may be at stake.

This increased understanding helps public preparedness and readiness for future developments, which may be challenging, scary or ultimately rewarding in some ways. 


However, it may be somewhat unclear for the average person what the UFO situation entails. We probably have access only to limited information on the subject. The recent MOD releases probably do not tell the whole story.

Are we talking good news, bad news, something in between or just different? How does this affect our understanding about our own lives, our families, our communities, our societies, our Earth and the Universe?

Many researchers have pointed out that there seem to be significant defense-related elements involved in the UFO situation. Public health and safety considerations also seem to come into play on a number of levels. 

It may be wise to make safety a high priority in dealing with such unconventional developments.

For example, incidents such as the “Phoenix lights” and Stephenville, Texas, UFO cases along with hundreds of others in the U.S. and worldwide seem to indicate that public health and safety concerns, air-traffic safety, as well as national and global defense considerations should be taken seriously.

For public safety officials, researchers and the general public, the 1992 firefighter training manual Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control” has an excellent chapter on appropriate planning and response for UFO incidents.

The chapter Disaster Control and UFOs includes a section on Adverse Potential of UFOs that is worth noting. The authors state that the two main hazards in UFO encounters are powerful anomalous energy fields and psychological impacts. These can cause public health and safety concerns in a number of ways, they point out.

Safety may continue to be a factor as we learn more about UFOs in various ways, such as the recent MOD information releases.

In addition, the UFO puzzle pieces in the MOD reports and from various other media may begin to make more sense to the general public in some way as we gain greater understanding and situation awareness about UFOs.