Friday, July 13, 2012

More than meets the eye in CIA agent’s Roswell story?

By Steve Hammons

The claim by veteran CIA officer Chase Brandon that the Roswell incident really was the crash of an extraterrestrial craft is sparking interest and controversy. Some researchers in the field suspect there is more to this story.

Is Brandon just promoting his new book – maybe hoping for a movie deal?

Is he putting out false information for some reason? Is he framing true information within a false story about finding a box marked “Roswell” in a secure vault of the historical documents area at CIA headquarters?

Is this part of public education and preparedness? Is his book itself actually fact-based fiction and a cover method to put out important information the public has a need to know?

Many of these elements could be in play. There could also be other factors to consider.


Some researchers with defense and intelligence backgrounds have noted that if essentially true sensitive facts are released and adequately mixed with inaccurate information, there may not be a violation of security procedures and requirements that Brandon and others are certainly subject to.

This idea was repeatedly brought forth by researchers regarding the so-called Project SERPO information releases. To some experienced researchers who looked at the Project SERPO claims, it seemed that true information was mixed with inaccurate statements. In that case, the alleged sources were reportedly from the DIA – the Defense Intelligence Agency.

This method is used in disinformation or manipulation activities – a skillful mixing of truth and lies, and framing information in certain ways to help achieve a desired outcome.

Another reasonable point has been brought up by researchers regarding Brandon’s statements: Wouldn’t he need to at least get permission from CIA to make such public statements? You would think so. If that is the case, is there more agency involvement than meets the eye?

A few researchers appear to suspect that Brandon’s statements may be part of a deception operation that we may not fully understand at this time.

Another reasonable view seems to be that this could actually be a way to release more information to the public about the truth of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth.

The fact that this experienced covert operations professional was also the agency’s liaison to the publishing business and Hollywood certainly seems relevant. He has been a technical advisor on many major movies and TV shows and apparently is involved with key people and media projects.


Some people may feel that those involved in the UFO and extraterrestrial situation fall into two camps: those keeping secrets from the public, and those trying to discover and release such information to the public.

The truth is that some people are charged with doing both. These activities are probably not mutually exclusive. Disclosure of interesting information about extraterrestrial visitation may be thoroughly linked with appropriate safety and security considerations about certain aspects of the situation.

Additionally, certain methods of framing key points about the extraterrestrial visitation topic, such as “fictional” movies, TV shows and novels, could be considered very helpful in educating and preparing the public. If elements of Brandon’s new book are truth within the context of a fictional novel, as many novels are, then those elements are both a standard storytelling technique and possibly a way to release more information and improve our perspective.

Do CIA agents sometimes lie? Are they involved in deception operations? Is the sky blue?

Are they also committed to the United States of America and the American people? In most cases the answer would be yes. When dealing with complex and sensitive topics like extraterrestrial visitation and activities on and around Earth, dedicated Americans in the defense and intelligence communities are certainly involved.

What their involvement is probably varies among individuals, groups and organizations, and how the overall situation is evolving. And, their methods, tactics and strategies may also vary somewhat.

It’s clear that Brandon’s statements have already received widespread media attention, including major mainstream media platforms. This in itself seems to be quite helpful in getting us all thinking deeply about what might be going on.

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